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[one pack] small gold bar matte lasting lipstick 1023-MF


Expenditure: general expenses
Skin type: General
Shelf life: 3 years
Color options: as shown in the figure


Low and fancy matte ball.
Rich color is full, high color.
Good effect of maintaining moisture and anti sweating.
It's not easy to lose makeup. You can keep makeup for a long time.
Various colors are available.
Suitable for every opportunity.


Easy to apply and can be easily removed with lip cleansing oil
❀ Durable and portable, light weight, easy to carry, easy to carry, easy to use.
❀ High-quality ingredients, silky luster, can last all day!
❀ Product efficacy: moisturizing, moisturizing, nutrition, waterproof, long-lasting
❀ Refresh yourself with this lipstick. Gives lips a long-lasting sweet color
❀ Suitable for professional salon or family use. Suitable for parties, leisure life, wedding makeup, etc.

ODM / OEM service (custom logo, customized packaging, customized color, free printing, free logo design)
Step 1: Send us your logo.
Step 2: We provide free logo design, free packaging design, we send designers
The effect picture designed for you, used to confirm the printing effect.
If there is any modification, please specify.
Step 3: If you are worried, we can send you samples before production.
Step 4: If there is no problem, we will help arrange production.
Step 5: After the production is completed, the quality inspection department conducts an inspection.
Step 6: The product quality is OK, we pack and ship.

Goods and arrival time

1. Timely delivery time: 7-15 working days.
2. We have a strong design team and provide customized services, including customized design, customized color, customized packaging, free logo design, and only customized professional products for you.
3. 100% internal quality control to ensure product quality; 100% complete after-sales service plan;
4. We guarantee to provide products at reasonable prices.
5. We guarantee to provide products at reasonable prices.
6. Any questions you have will be answered within 6 hours.

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